WLOK Radio Presents Weekly Programs On Race Relations In Memphis

WLOK Radio Presents Weekly Programs On Race Relations In Memphis
WLOK Radio (1340 AM) will have a one hour program each Thursday morning from 10 a. m. to 11 a. m., discussing racial issues in Memphis and throughout the country.
The program hosts are WLOK’s Program Director Bobbie Thompson, and the station’s President Art Gilliam. The one-hour broadcast will be a continuation of a series of weekly programs WLOK has been airing each Thursday since last November called “Race in America”. The earlier programs were based on Gilliam’s book “One America – Moving Beyond the Issue of Race”.
The content of the radio series, beginning Thu., July 14, 2016, is prompted by the protest recently initiated on the I-40 bridge by Black Lives Matter. This week’s guest will be a BLM representative who will discuss the protest as well as the Black Lives Matter agenda for changes they believe would benefit Memphis.
The station will conduct an ongoing presentation of the responses of government to the agenda items. Future guests on the program will be representatives of the city administration, city council, and other decision makers who can impact the agenda of Black Lives Matter.
WLOK’s goal is to facilitate discussion between Black Lives Matter and city leaders on issues affecting race relations in Memphis. Tune in to 1340 AM to hear the WLOK program, other community segments, Gospel music.

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