Enrolling Students at Du Bois Memphis

The  Du Bois Schools are located in Whitehaven and East Memphis; we serve students in grades Kindergarten through twelfth.  Their students live throughout the city of Memphis, there are no address requirements  for them to attend Du Bois.  The Founder/CEO of Du Bois is Dr. Willie W. Herenton,  former Superintendent of Legacy Memphis City Schools and the only 5 term Mayor of Memphis.  His vision,  along with the “Talented Tenth Philosophy”  of W.E.B. Du Bois drives the mission of our schools.  The schools are celebrating 5 years of operation this year and would love to have your children  become a part of this distinguished journey of learning.  Dr. Herenton and his dynamic Governance Board gave leadership to the construction and opening of our newest facility in East Memphis,  Du Bois Leadership & Public Policy Middle High School. This lovely, spacious campus is located at 8146 E. Shelby Drive @ Hacks Cross.  Goo see for yourself;  they still have space for your children.  Please call Ruby Payne at 901.505.6833 or 901.830.7942 for more information. 


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