Truly a Family Affair

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Truly a Family Affair
On August 12, 2017, Mr. & Mrs. Michael Williams gave the hand of their daughter Rosalyn Rene’ Williams to her soulmate Marcus Garrison.
Rosalyn’s vision of having a “great” wedding party came to light as though the heavens opened up just for her and Marcus. What a vision!

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The stage at the Buckman Performing Arts Center was filled with enjoyment. The wedding party included a host of their family and friends.
The year of wedding preparations included the Wedding Party Picnic, the Parisian Bridal Shower, and a Girls Night Out. Rosalyn’s wedding planner and mentor Paulette Maples, Rosalyn’s Mother, Marjorie and Rosalyn’s sister Rhonda Maxwell worked persistently to bring Rosalyn’s dream wedding day to life.
The positive memories will be embedded in the minds of all the younger girls present, especially for Shadow Bride Skylar Garrison (their daughter).The wonderment of the ceremony will leave them knowing dreams do come true. The spirit of the occasion was ushered in, then captivated by the officiation of Pastor Garrison (Marcus’ father). The efforts of love from every branch of her family was immeasurable, proving family values remain the fiber of our society. wedding party chuck


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