Charelle Lans ‘Leading With Feet’ Encourages Pursuit Of Goals

Charelle Lans ‘Leading With Feet’ Encourages Pursuit Of Goals

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Have you ever dismissed an idea as inconceivable, too hard, or unattainable because you were not able to see clear steps with vision and clarity to accomplishing your goal?
If so, “Leading with Feet” is for you. This classic book conveys the importance to creating movement in pursuit of your goals. Recognizing that goals cannot be achieved without execution, Author Charelle Lans candidly expresses the practical steps needed to building momentum and getting things done.
Leading with Feet eloquently weaves the author’s personal experiences with practical steps to demonstrate how transitioning from stress to strength can be achieved in pursuit of your goals. As Charelle discusses the necessary shift needed both mentally and physically to overcome challenges in life, she teaches the reader how to succeed by associating mentally inconceivable difficulties with executional physical steps with your feet.
In an effort to inspire, motivate, and captivate the audience, “Leading with Feet” is a great depiction of how creating movement and transferring energy to pursuing one’s goals and abilities will leave its readers both energized and equipped to taking the first step forward to dream fulfillment.
Charelle Lans is a strategist, motivational speaker, philanthropist, mother, writer, manager, and professional, Charelle Lans is a Segment Industrial Engineer for a multi-billion-dollar consumer products company where she has served as the Supply Lead for the largest Cat Care & Treats business in North America. She is responsible for leading long-term strategy, driving segment performance, and solidifying funds for the business innovation supply strategy. Charelle is also the co-lead for Women of Mars, an internal organization focused on empowering and developing women for advanced leadership opportunities within the organization.
Experienced Segment Industrial Engineer, published author, and vision strategist who is passionate about empowerment, development, leadership coaching, motivational speaking, and philanthropy.
Currently the Founder and Executive Director of Leading with Feet, a non-profit organization aimed at inspiring action through movement and the CEO of Vision Strategy Management, business aimed at helping individual and businesses to develop strategic sustainable success.
Charelle is also the Director of Phenomenal Women’s Health, an organization aimed at developing total woman wellness. The organization focuses on empowering and equipping women and girls with resources and tools for a successful life.
Originally from Miami, Florida Charelle has been most notably called by many who encounter her as a ‘woman beyond her years’ and is known for her intellectual curiosity, powerhouse writings, inspirational messages, and strategic mindset. At first glance, she is modest and humble, but this quiet storm has a commitment to empowerment with an unparalleled passion for people.
Apart from her current role, she has been an influencer in her career, leading platform development and strategic vision setting for many organizations. She seeks out the opportunity to empower individuals and has contributed to a number of non-profit organizations such as Essence Cares, National Society of Black Engineers, INROADS, Susan G. Komen Foundation, and Phenomenal Women’s Health, Inc. to name a few. She has served in a number of organizations and has held positions on the chapter, regional, and national levels.
Lans holds memberships with the FSU Alumni Association, Network of Executive Women (NEW), Jack & Jill of America, Inc., Phenomenal Women’s Health, Inc., National Society of Black Engineers, Inc., INROADS, Inc., Compassion International, Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, USA Triathlon Association, Project Purpose, and Black Triathletes Association. She is a member of the Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Advisory Council for the Florida State-FAMU College of Engineering, and is a graduate of the Johnson & Johnson Global Operation Leadership Development Program notably Johnson & Johnson’s Elite Operations Leadership Development Program.
Along with being the author of Leading with Feet, “Making Intentional Steps to Live Out You Best”, she also authors The Unknown Filmmaker, the autobiography of George W. Tillman, Jr. which is currently under development. Areas


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