Bar-kays Lead Singer Larry Dodson’s Book ‘And The Band Plays On’

Bar-kays Lead Singer Larry Dodson’s Book ‘And The Band Plays On’

Finally, the much anticipated and surprisingly candid memoir of songwriter, producer, gold and platinum-selling artist, Larry Dodson, lead singer of the iconic Funk and R&B band, The Bar-Kays. With the help of author/editor Shelia E. Bell, Dodson opens up to let the world in on what this journey has been like for him.

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“Larry Dodson is truly the Funk Master! If you want to be educated in Funk Music, open your music dictionary and you will see Larry Dodson’s face. He is a pioneer in this industry and one of the most humble entertainers I have ever had the pleasure to meet. To grow up seeing and to actually meeting and working with this phenomenal artist has truly been a gratifying experience. The Tom Joyner Foundation has depended on Larry to bring the lineup of “The Masters of Funk” show on the Tom Joyner Fantastic Voyage Cruise yearly and out of the many plus entertainers that we have booked within the last 18 years, “The Masters of Funk” continues to be one of the best shows on the cruise year after year.” Lou Calhoun, Senior Entertainment Director, Tom Joyner Morning Show/Reach Media Inc.

From overcoming difficult family problems to battling and overcoming drug addiction and alcohol abuse, industry controversy, and all of the demons that often come along with being a living Funk legend for almost five decades, Larry recalls and talks candidly about the peaks and valleys of The Bar-Kays’ career. His wonderful wife, Marie, without a doubt has been the saving grace that has gotten him to this point. Only a handful of bands share the history that The Bar-Kays share. With Larry’s recent surprise announcement to his band, family, fans, and friends that he is retiring from The Bar-Kays, fans will find this book to be not only an extra special read, but a collector’s item.

“Thank you for gracing my house. You’re like fine wine now. Keep on keeping on. God bless y’all and I wish you 50 more years.” Louis Gossett, Jr- Academy Award Winning Actor

“This is a band that has influenced many many bands of today and yesterday. God Bless you and your continued success.” Chaka Khan, ten time Grammy Award Winning Singer/Songwriter

Backing up soul legends such as Otis Redding and countless other soul and R&B icons both in and out of the recording studio, teaming up with music giants like Isaac Hayes to help create the Oscar-winning sound tracks theme from Shaft, collaborating with Funk legends such as Sly Stone, Larry Dodson and The Bar-Kays have done it all and Larry talks about it all in “And the Band Plays On.”

“There are but a few voices that one would consider to be signature only to them…Larry Dodson. There are no copies to the soulfulness, the sound, the power of this vocal superstar. True signature of Stax Records. The Memphis Sound!” David Porter- Producer and Songwriter

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