Karren Todd’s Book Gives Wholeheartedness to Being Single

Karren Todd’s Book Gives Wholeheartedness To Being Single

by Takeitha Peterson Carter

Prolific Speaker. Powerful Motivator. Certified Professional Coach. Ministry Leader. Dynamic Encourager. SINGLE and WHOLE. In her most recent release, One Is a Whole Number, best-selling author Karren Todd fuses biblical principles with practical application to help singles acknowledge their value and appreciate their wholeness. In the society in which we live, we are profiled socially through a plethora of social media stages. Todd advises singles “not be sidetracked by the social media status of individuals as people have a tendency to present their highlight reel, as opposed to the entire movie on social media profiles.” Therefore, it is paramount that one is secure in who they are so that when the past is unpacked, no story is left without significant pages.



Throughout her book, singles – in any phase of singleness – are encouraged to embrace this season wholeheartedly and with exuberance. For some, the season of singleness is involuntary, while for others it is a choice that has been made with deciding factors that incorporate a platform of reasons. Wherever you are categorized, being single is not equivalent to being incomplete. On the contrary, singleness brings a revitalizing component that allows one to learn who they are and what they would like to accomplish in life. This is important so that singles are not looking to be made whole, but are whole upon entering into various relationships, especially marriage. Be very clear: One Is A Whole Number is not a book about dating, it is not a book about how to find a date – it is a book about how to find YOU.

Todd passionately expresses the following: “You do not have to believe the stigma that society has placed on singleness.  Enjoy this season! You have spent so much time searching and waiting for someone to complete you – you have forgotten that you should already be whole.”

In the applicable principles intricately laced within this book, Todd successfully casts a fresh perspective on being single. To be whole, one must first seek to uncover the positive aspects of this journey of singleness. “You are worthy of better and healthier relationships, ” states Todd, “This does not make you ‘stuck up’ – it simply lessens the chance of you being ‘stuck in’.”

After serving 15 years in full-time ministry, with 8 years as Senior Associate Pastor, Karren is now serving God as the Executive Director of POWER Ministries, Inc. and CEO of Empowerment Coaching and Consulting.  Additionally, she volunteers on the Board of Directors for Leadership Memphis and has received many honors to include Women of Excellence and Female Pastor of the Year.

In 2017, Karren released Power Walk, a devotional journal that impressively reached number 34 on Amazon’s top 100 new releases. Educationally, Karren holds a Master of Divinity degree from Memphis Theological Seminary and is currently pursuing her Doctor of Ministry degree in Pastoral Counseling.

One is A Whole Number can be enjoyed by individuals or used as the basis for singles-focused book discussions or ministry groups. To purchase your copy visit Amazon.com or KarrenTodd.com.

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