Educators Visiting Local Schools

Educators Visiting Local Schools


Rep. Barbara Cooper District 86 and Rosemary Winters program coordinator Board of Directors MSCEA brought Commissioner McQueen visited Memphis which was hosted by the Memphis Shelby County Teachers Association. Dr. Sharon Griffin, who is the new Assistant Commission of School Turnaround and Chief of the Achievement School District, also attended the visitation. A key discussion on the future of education in the Bluff City happened this Saturday. Tennessee Education Commissioner, Dr. Candice Mc Queen paid a visit to discuss her vision and hear imput from leaders on how to move Shelby County and Tennessee forward. “We think it’s probably one of the best new approaches to making sure all of our students are being served and have options after high school,” McQueen said. “This is a golden opportunity for all of us,” stated Charles School USCCPTA president. An opportunity in which a panel filled with parents, students, teachers, and state leaders getting together to discuss education in Shelby County Schools. Additionally, they talked about the new curriculum and funding for the district. McQueen said she’s leaving with a new found understanding of concerns and suggestions to continue to improve the local and state relationship. “We will continue to work together to make sure our students outcomes, needs ,and that they are the forefront of our conversations,” stated Commissioner Candice McQueen.



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