by Ruby Payne

Now is the time to push your dreams through;
Let the energy from your mind do it for you.
This is your year to prosper and grow;
Increase your faith, let old baggage go.

It is your time now, your day is here;
All that you’ve hoped for is finally near.
The dreams of your life are at your door;
You will be happier now than ever before.

Get it together, move forward, excel;
Nothing can stop you; you’re determined to do well.
This is the time you’ve been waiting to see;
It’s your season to be what you’ve longed to be.

Resolve to be excellent, no matter where you are;
Think positive, stay focused, you are a star.
Discover the strength in unity, the power of prayer;
As your dreams unfold, you’ll see progress everywhere.

Every second, minute, every hour that comes your way;
Brings joy, peace and the patience needed for each day.
The sky is the limit, you control your fate;
Work your plan now; don’t let it get too late.

There has never been a time more promising than this;
Go for it; move swiftly, you will not miss.
This is your year to win, win, win.
Get started now, pronto, begin.

Seize the moment; make things happen for you;
Now’s the time for your dreams to come true.
Reverse N-O-W, change it to W-O-N;
Claim the victory, your task is done.

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