Steve Mulroy Will Present New Election Reform Book

Steve Mulroy Will Present New Election Reform Book
Ranked Choice Tennessee board member Steve Mulroy, late of the local Memphis effort to defeat the Instant Runoff Voting/Term Limits repeal referenda, will present his new election reform book at a Mar. 19 book signing at Novel bookstore. Mulroy just published Rethinking US Election Law: Unskewing The System with international academic press Edward Elgar Publishing. Aaron Fowles will briefly introduce the Ranked Choice Tennessee at the event.
The book, a scholarly work but written for the layman, has received positive reviews both locally and nationally. Besides Instant Runoff Voting, it tackles the Electoral College, gerrymandering, how “spoiler” candidates can split the majority vote and lead to anti-majoritarian outcomes, and other issues. The book proposes innovative reforms like the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, Proportional Representation, the Fair Representation Act, and Ranked Choice Voting, none of which require a constitutional amendment.
“Nothing’s more important than making sure as many as possible have their vote count,” said Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN), who has proposed Electoral College reform. “Steve Mulroy’s book will open many people’s eye to the need for American revolution through the ballot box and at the ballot box.”
The roughly 45-minute event starts at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Mar. 19 at Novel Bookstore, 387 Perkins Extd. Over wine and cheese, the author will speak briefly on some proposed election reforms and take questions. Samples of the book are available for review, along with order forms to get a copy with a special author’s discount.
Mulroy added, “There’s no obligation to buy the book, but I’d love people to come for the discussion. These are important issues, both in Memphis and across the country.”
For more information, contact Steve Mulroy at 901-603-8779 or
Steve J. Mulroy is a University of Memphis law professor and the author of Rethinking US Election Law: Unskewing The System. He’s authored dozens of articles for scholarly publications and has published op-eds in Newsweek , US News & World Report, the Associated Press, Salon, and Huffington Post. He’s been interviewed as a legal expert on MSNBC, FOX News, CNN, and Fox Business.

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