Local Mid-Southerner Accepts The No. 2 Position With The Independent Party’s Presidential Bid

Local Mid-Southerner Accepts The No. 2 Position With The Independent Party’s Presidential Bid
Last month former independent presidential candidate Horace Taylor of Germantown, TN, accepted the vice-presidential nomination of his party after receiving the second highest number of votes. Pictured above are the party candidates – The Independent Party of the United States of America (TIPUSA).

Horace Taylor

Horace first learned of TIP in August 2019; and after a couple of months of electronic correspondence, which set the stage for clear and concise understanding of the positions of the party and what TIP stood for as a whole, Horace would officially joined TIP in mid-October.
Prior to the onset of the global coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), TIP was gearing up for its own primaries and likely in-person debates. Subsequently however, as the current U.S. administration began sharing conflicting insight on what America’s national response to the coronavirus would be, moving forward with in-person debates (and even campaigning) seemed to be placed on indefinite hold. For two centuries now, Americans of all walks have evolved to and look forward to the exciting (and at time nauseating) presidential campaign season. This presidential season will surely go down in history like none other.
As a small “I” independent, this, then, local candidate began to un-rival the interworking in pursuit of the presidency. In the months leading up to accepting the VP nomination position, Horace was involved in an unprecedented ground game to obtain the requisite 275 registered Tennessee voters’ signatures on the state’s official petition forms to ensure that his name (and that of his running mate) would be printed on the presidential ballot in Tennessee this November.

Horace crisscrossed the state over a few weekends along with his two sons—whom both gained invaluable firsthand lessons in understanding and respecting the interworking of the American Constitution and political process. His sons now have keen insight to and appreciation for the American democratic process.
Avid and loyal readers of STARNEWSVIP.com, you may recall being introduced to Horace last November in an article in the “New Tristate Defender ” and earlier this year in the “Commercial Appeal .” A quick look into this candidate and you will find that he’s certainly a family-first person. His wife, Rynae, of over twenty years, became a 6th grader teacher with Gestalt School District (Power Center Academy) in 2019. Rynae has been conducting online instructions since prior to the end of the school year last spring following the pandemic. And Horace has been a guest on the local AM radio broadcast station WMQM-1600 (TheLovePowerShow) hosted by Wallace Redd.
Last July, Horace joined hands with fellow classmates and others to pass out food-boxes in a south Memphis neighborhood (38106). It rained intermittingly, but Horace and fellow Scrappers and Wildcats and others continued until the job was done. They handed out 1000 boxes of food (which was sponsored by a local church organization).
Although Horace is now running as the #2 on the ticket, his presidential campaign website is still live. Consider visiting the website and get to know his positions and stances on key issues that may impact you personally as an American citizen and a citizen of the world. There you will find his positions on Healthcare, Cybersecurity, Climate Change, Common Sense Immigration, Policing in America and a host of other issues. URL https://horacetaylor2020.com http://www.theuniversalfoundation.com/tipusa.html
Horace has of course met all Federal Election Commission and Office of Government Ethics filling requirements since last September/October when he became an official presidential candidate. Horace has shown through his efforts that he, for one, takes the American experiment very seriously and that he was not going to simply vote—as he has done since he was eighteen—but that he would truly try to impact the system by becoming the system (from within). Horace hopes that all Tennessean will support him and the team: WHEELOCK | TAYLOR.
He is one who represents family. Checkout his website, consider his positions and know this little fact: Tennessee has voted as a state Republican for the last 50+ years; she didn’t support her last son (Al Gore). Tennessee can be recognized as a progressive state and not simply a shoe-in red state for the GOP.
Horace graduated from Southside High School in 1980. He was a musician, clarinetist, bassist, and bandleader throughout high school and beyond. In October ’81, Horace enlisted in the U.S. Army and after a long and distinguished career, he retired in 2012. A few months later, Horace began work as a cybersecurity analyst for a defense contractor company.
Here is what the candidate has been doing even in the face of the pandemic and the ongoing national level battle that continues between our bicameral parties: Republicans and the Democrats.
Viewed as the man next door, Horace has not ended nor suspended his campaign. I recently caught up virtually with Candidate Horace Taylor, and the exchange was really interesting and refreshing. To have a local African American focused on the presidency was in itself eye opening. His compassion, bold ambition, drive, and clarity in mind for what he would bring to the community and America was without a doubt refreshing. A man who squarely puts his limited resources where his mouth is. He is walking the walk, not just talking the talk. He is authentic, maybe even a godsend—and I don’t mean to offend.
VP Candidate Taylor has a simple yet encompassing message, which can be summed up in three words: Restoration, Security, and Progress—forward progress to be exact.
While in the army, then, Staff Sergeant Horace Taylor was awarded a Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) scholarship to attend Memphis State University in August 1990; and in December ’93, Horace earned a bachelor of science degree in computer engineering technology and was commissioned a second lieutenant in the Signal Corps. In January ’94, now, 2LT Taylor was back on active duty in the Army. In May 2005, Captain Taylor earned a master of science degree in information technology from the University of Maryland University College.
“Sadly, our national politics have gone to crap,” Taylor said in his stomp speech. “And there’s no better way to frame it.
“The President ran on an energizing message of draining the D.C. swamp! And that he would hire the best of the best to advise him on running the Nation’s business and keep us (the U.S., and allies) safe and secure.
“In my humble opinion, the very opposite has happened. With practically everything that has been done, and that continues to be done, I’m talking about the political discourse and governing in our Nation—like his infamous escalator ride down—all has followed suit; that is, it has gone down. White House Down (lol.).
“To get our Nation back to a level of decency and civility, I am running for the Office of the President of the United States.
“Frankly, what I have to offer is an approach that is radically different from other candidates whether incumbent or challenger … I plan to fundamentally change America’s current course.
“Here is my quick assessment of the current state of affairs in American politics.
“The Republicans have lost their minds; anything and everything goes! Whatever the President says, and whatever the President does, seems to get carte blanc support from “his” party. They/President should consider a lesson of the Magna Carta: everyone should submit to the rule of law. Why, “less likely to fall victim to authoritarian rule.”
“And for a time there, it seemed that the Democrats couldn’t find united strength in their collective backbones. Again, whatever the president said, and whatever the president did, the Democrats were acting as though they needed a revelation from God almighty before they would do their jobs, as elected representatives of the people – yes, he was eventually impeached, yet emboldened.
“I am running as a small (i) Independent. But not just as an independent, but as a Radical independent. And by radical, I mean, I will certainly be calling out the Republicans for their actions in support of the President—who seriously needs to be jailed for the unprecedented level of harm and high crimes and misdemeanors that he has inflicted upon our Nation through his conduct and the policies of his administration. And I will be calling out the those once very timid acting, revelation seeking Democrats, to continue to do their jobs.
“Our national symbol is the Bald Eagle; no bird flies with only one wing. Essentially, both parties have effectively, systematically, and practically redefined the very name and fabric of our country: “The United States of America.”
“A divided “U” and a divided “S” does not equal = A United States.
“With respect to my broad platform/goals: Restoration, Security, and forward Progress, these goals will be accomplished by working hard and diligently to restore civility, humility, humanity, and respect to all people, through strength and compassion.
“Take for examples, Security and Progress. With respect to security, cybersecurity in particular, the U.S. Cyber Command and all the intelligence agencies—under my presidency—will burn the midnight oil because we will put an end to the ongoing, never-ending cyberbreaches into America’s national cyber-infrastructure.
“And here’s what I mean by Progress. For forward progress to be achieved in a measurable manner, there are a number of key legislative actions, in my opinion, that must be corrected/enacted, immediately:

  • Voting Right Acts (VRA), pre-clearance restoration/corrected…;
  • Affordable Care Act (ACA), revisited, strengthened, restored, as a prelude to public option/single payer;
  • A Livable Wage Act/Bill (ALIWA), to be enacted; and
  • Anti-Lynching Bill (ALYN): which was finally passed earlier this year
    “America is fractured, she must be made whole, again!
    “In closing, if you are a never-Trumper, an Obamacrat, a Bush Compassionate Conservative, a Clintonite, a Reagan Republican, a party of Lincoln Republican or Democrat, or simple one of the millions of millions who have become appalled, disgruntle, and disgusted with the status quo two party political system—in our Nation of well over a 330M people—then now is the time to take a bold audacious stand, like the Founding Fathers did, and declare (or re-declare) your Independence — a revolution no doubt!
    “This campaign is a campaign about you; it is a campaign Of The People, For The People, and By The People. It’s a campaign about your children and mine; it’s about your sibling and mine; it’s about all the mothers and fathers; the uncles and aunties; the in-laws (and those seeking to enter into the law); it’s about the incarcerated, and those (recently) released; it’s about the homeless veteran and non-veteran too; it’s even about your loving pets. But most of all, this campaign is about the future of America, and all that She stands for.
    “A revolution of independent ideas is where America is headed; and as independents, we will lead Her on into the 21st Century—where people value people, first. With that, I know that America is a god-fearing Nation; she was at the start, and always will be.
    “In 1776, the Founding Fathers declared independence from the, then oppressive, corrupt and insensitive British Throne. In 2020, Americans can declare/re-declare independence from our most corrupt bicameral crown: The Republican & the Democratic parties. Together, united, we can restore Her to being the Land of the Free, the Land of the Brave, the Land where all of Her hardworking citizens (and inhabitants) can achieve their dream of getting and earning a piece of the American pie.
    “I launched this campaign from the hills of Tennessee, from the streets of the greater Memphis community, and from the old school yard of my high school, Southside; and within a year or so, I decided that I, too, like many, would serve my Country by enlisting in the Army.
    “America, we are going to get back to a place and sense of normalcy and decency while maintaining and ensuring America’s security and sound leadership throughout the world.
    “I approve this message,” noted Taylor.

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