Classy Couples In Christ: Reflections

Classy Couples In Christ: Reflections
by Antonette Benford
2021 is here and I’m thankful that we are alive and kept by a loving God who spared us from the Coronavirus. I’m thankful that the state of worry and uncertainty I experienced in 2020 had a purpose in my life.
I’m excited that God held me close and spoke to my heart; making all of us slow down, savor each moment, and do the things HE wants us to do. He completely erased my agendas and showed me His direction for my life.
It wasn’t always easy though. We spent months developing very elaborate events for our couples organization, Classy Couples in Christ; including monthly meetings at a centralized location and our annual Married Couples retreat in Florida. Shortly after the pandemic started, we hosted online Zoom meetings and lively Facebook sessions entitled, “Tabletopics Tuesdays.” In the midst of our plans, God said, STOP! I was developing plans for His work while internally imploding. I was working much harder and spinning my wheels trying to perfect events MY way. Being the loving Father He is, He stopped me and called for a time of silence and solitude with Him.
For months I had been planning work FOR God without fully cultivating my relationship WITH God. He wanted to heal areas that I had tucked neatly away in the depths of my soul but never dealt with, which impacted my effectiveness and calling. He wanted to increase my trust in Him and others that I didn’t realize I was lacking. I gave Him my fears and skepticism and He gave me perfect peace. I gave Him my control issues, and He showed me His perfect way.
He has a way of using all your experiences, good and bad, for our good to train us in His ways (Rom. 8:28). Wisdom has shown me how to learn from trials, share my experiences, and thank God for seasons. I wouldn’t take anything for my journey, as long as He is there with me.

Terrance and Antonette Benford

Classy Couples in Christ, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to promote strong, Godly marriages through workshops, play dates, and retreats. The corporate vision is to equip and empower couples to maintain long-lasting, Christ centered marriages using Godly principles in a real and relevant way. In the workshops, safe-space, open-forum meeting platforms are used for couples to discuss REAL LIFE issues that, for some couples, might be too uncomfortable to mention in Sunday School or religious settings.
Founded in 2014 by native Memphians Terrance and Antonette Benford, Classy Couples in Christ, Inc. was birthed from their passion for marital relationship building and enrichment. It is from this passion that they became Disciples and Counselors through the Biblical Counseling Foundation in 2008, and certified facilitators of Transformative courses with Family Dynamics Institute in 2017, later named Marriage Dynamics. Classy Couples in Christ, Inc. started as a Meetup group in late 2014, and grew to over 270 couples across metro-Atlanta. Their annual married couples retreat hosts couples from across the country.
Terrance is an anointed fisherman of men, and a true worshipper who loves the Lord. He selflessly serves God through his service to others; and has never met a stranger. Antonette is a charismatic leader with an infectious personality, who also enjoys serving others and sharing wisdom. A savvy businessman, Terrance has owned and operated his HVAC company, Benford Maintenance Services for nineteen years. They have one beautiful adult daughter, Adrienne Danielle; and an adorable Yorkie grand puppy, Bella Natalia.

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